6 simple steps to choose the right WEB Studio


6 simple steps to choose the right WEB Studio

Today we are going to tell you about : ALGORITHM FROM 6 STEPS FOR WHAT WOULD FIND A THAT MOST, professional WEB studio that will make quality and selling a website for your business.
I am sure that 90% of the audience will agree with me if I say that “All website developers are an asshole”. And even on this topic, a ton of bearded jokes have long been invented, entrepreneurs and TOP managers have not learned how to make the right choice and continue to step on a rake the size of a lamp post.
Our team has developed a complex system based on the gradual collection of information about competitors, it helps to understand what type of site is appropriate for your business. And, eventually, helps us to create a small technical task for rendering for WEB studio.
At the end of this search process, we will wait for those performers with ideal parameters PRICE-QUALITY.  
If you have not watched the video about the choice of the engine for the site - I advise you to watch it in a blog on our site, as now we touch on this topic a little. And I immediately say: to really find a high-quality WEB studio, you need to consistently follow this algorithm, not missing anything!
And so – 6 steps to select the type of site and select a web studio that will develop it :

The first step - the analysis of competitors.

Everything connected with the sales, advertising, and website development, should begin with the analysis of competitors. Under the video, you can download checklists, where you will find a table for analysis. I advise you to print it out because it is easier to visually perceive the information in this form. Just enter the search request you need. For example, if you are engaged in repair of apartments, write "Repair of apartments in Kiev" - and fill in the table with the first sites from the search.

The second step - to select a project type based on the competitors' table

Everything is also very simple, why invent the wheel if we have already begun to fly into space. In order to understand which site you need - just look at your competitors. Also at this stage, scribe what sites of competitors you like and why.

The third step - the choice of the future CMS project

If you have not watched the past video about the engines of the site - look. There you will find a table that lists the profitability of various engines by project type. For example, from the table, you can see that if what type of project you need to develop and which engine is most suitable for comfortable work.

The fourth step - the development of a simple technical task

Developers are very gentle and can easily add to your account what they call creative at the end, so it’s best to initially briefly outline the essence and purpose of the future project so that they would not include the hourly pay in the bill for their fantasy.
What a simple Terms of Reference look like, or as it is called BRIEF. Brief consists of :
  • Your site type
  • Logo, corporate colors, a brief description
  • The purpose of which is to carry the future site
  • The price policy of your product
  • Examples of competitors' sites
This is quite enough for a representative of WEB Studio to form the exact cost of developing your project.
Now you have prepared a clear task that you can give to WEB studios.

The fifth step - searching for performers

To search for executors use the table. Why search better by the engine :
  1. You already know which engine is right for you, and you don’t need to waste time that WEB studio managers would deceive you.
  2. You will save time on the search, since you will send the BRIEF that you have filled in 10 WEB studios that work with the same technology, and will be able to compare them adequately.
How it looks - go to the search and write «site development on Drupal» or «site development on WORDPRESS».
Select at least 10 candidates - and send them to the EMAIL BRIEF for rendering.
Here is the most interesting last, the sixth step - the choice of the candidate according to certain criteria. Icon comes up with text.
Adequate portrait web studio is a combination of 3 factors :
  1. Adequate portfolio. The number of projects, their attractiveness and the quality of development.
  2. Suitable working conditions. Mandatory work under the contract, prepayment of no more than 50%, technical support for at least 2 weeks.
  3. The cost is not higher than the market average. In most cases, the average figure of all the candidates - this is the best option. But if you certainly found cheap and high quality - take it!
But do not forget - the choice WEB Studio is just one of the factors that must be considered in the process of doing business. The aim is only one and a selection of quality contractors - it is only a 50% success rate.