Let's talk about the web studio portfolio - determine the level by eye

web studio portfolio

Let's talk about the web studio portfolio - determine the level by eye

Web Studio portfolio - one of the most obvious indicators of its skills and quality of work. Before you give preference to particular project implementers, pay attention to the level of skills and experience in this specific field of services


Portfolio best demonstrates the level of ability. But what should be web-studios portfolio and how to determine whether the contractors will be able to cope with the order, and at what level they will be fulfilled?


First of all, you must decide what result you want to see at the end. No need to make any technical problem (though the developer would be very helpful). But the vision of the final result, or rather only several illustrative examples - this is important.


Каким должно быть портфолио


Your potential website must :


  • include details about your product and attract the target audience;

  • sell (otherwise, why do you need it?)

  • automate basic processes, compile statistical summaries and reports.


What do you need to pay attention to the web studio portfolio?


To attract a new target audience, more and more entrepreneurs are using one-page sites. They allow you to establish contact with the client by filling out the form or sending a mobile phone number. This page is easy to make. There are no difficulties in design and layout.


web studio, which would be able to realize something like that? See what his projects look like and what structure they have. It is best to give preference to a studio with a good designer, marketer, and SEO specialists. If all functions are performed by one person - this is bad. But, in fairness, we note that many artists are good typeset and write beautiful texts along the way.


Information sites are based on the WordPress system. It allows the use of any design and has a large number of features for the creation of pages. Mainly for small businesses is a great and most importantly budget option.


Online-stores are different from many features and require a large number of modules. Sometimes you can restrict to ready-made systems that adapt to the specifics of the product category. But if you need a more advanced solution, then you have to pay the round amount of money and order the development of exclusive modules.


This is a content management system (CMS). You can buy them or use free solutions. It is about 1C-Bitrix, DIAFAN.CMS and free OpenCart or Joomla.
The studio will offer to use a multifunctional CMS, freelancers prefer free systems with the following modifications.


Портфолио веб студии в Украине


Web Studio Portfolio will show which CMS it prefers. See how the online stores made by studio specialists look and see how well they work.


What should be the portfolio web studio: automated processes


Automation of any process, whether it be cargo delivery or record keeping, requires the skills of the developers of database design and development of exclusive projects - "the site from the ground up." This work is best demonstrate the level of skills of writing new, unparalleled systems and services.