overall realization time
were working on AUTORENT TOOLS web-site daily
14pages layouts
were prepared before final design approval
Наш клиент

The company with a huge fleet of rental cars, whose ambitions are just going through the roof. The guys wanted to merge all rental dealers in Ukraine into one system, according to one rules and conditions, with maximum benefit for the future client.. 

Поставленная задача

Develop a visually pleasing and easy-to-use shell for future customers for the AUTORENT TOOLS CRM system. Mobile version, high speed as the priority.

Дизайн и брендирование

Considering the design, the task was even more interesting. Since the system was new and modern, it was necessary to create the whole identity, find a name, come up with the color scheme and provide a full-fledged mobile layout for an easy use.


LODZHIR developed a really cool visual identity, though the customer accepted it only from the 3rd time. The unique structure of information display and a variety of auxiliary visual subdirections for the most convenient order.

Пошаговая история разработки
Technical task
4 days
Pages design layouts
6 days
Functionality work througn
12 days
Functional & design synergy
8 days
5 days
5 days
Особенности конечного продукта:
1An interesting connection of CRM and web-site itself
2 Personal accounts with powerful functionality
3 Total history of all operations and actions
4 Full SEO website optimization

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