overall realization time
were working on CTB Tradehouse web-site daily
19pages layouts
were prepared before final design approval
Нам сказали спасибо
Наш клиент

Clients with experience of over 13 years in the field of security systems. Large wholesale players in the Ukrainian market who are now capturing the retail market. 

Поставленная задача

Develop a retail online store that would start selling the company's products as soon as possible. The speed of the site — easy navigation - these are the main priorities of the resource..

Дизайн и брендирование

As always, developing an entire identity from scratch. Logo, colors, catalogs — it was necessary to be creative at all aspects of promotional products.


The main and most successful solution was and would be the development of the site in accordance with the semantic core, which we have assembled in order to break into the market of organic SEO search in the shortest possible time. Thus, we developed a website for a full-fledged marketing strategy.

Пошаговая история разработки
Technical task
9 days
Pages design layouts
8 days
Functionality work througn
18 days
Functional & design synergy
7 days
12 days
3 days
Особенности конечного продукта:
1 Convenient unique navigation menu
2 Responsive layout of the resource and full SEO optimization
3100% security from hacking and DDOS attacks. Development was conducted on CMS Drupal — safety is our strong point

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