overall realization time
were working on IT INSTITUTE web-site daily
11pages layouts
were prepared before final design approval
Нам сказали спасибо
Наш клиент

School of robotics with professional teachers and its own teaching methodology. They have 6 branches of equipped classrooms for the most efficient supply of knowledge.

Поставленная задача

Create a simple informative website with a list of services provided and the possibility to apply for training. The main task of the resource is to inform potential customers about services, upcoming seminars and courses.

Дизайн и брендирование

Design challenge was very simple. The school already had a logo, we only had to cover some more aspects with the same color scheme.


The most obvious and simple solution was a development of a simple information site, that would show live learning, professionalism and allow parents to enroll their children in robotics and programming.

Пошаговая история разработки
Technical task
7 days
Pages design layouts
8 days
Functionality work througn
11 days
Functional & design synergy
7 days
6 days
3 days
Особенности конечного продукта:
1 Full SEO resource optimization. We even optimized launch speed and all validation errors.
2 Adaptive layout. The web-site is easy to use on both PC and smartphones.
3100% security from hacking and DDOS attacks. Development was conducted on CMS Drupal — safety is our strong point

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