on remodeling functionality and SEO.
were working on MILANA STEP web-site daily
2page layouts
95 % of design prepared by guys from GALANIX
Наш клиент

This is one of the highest quality leather shoes stores in Ukraine. The owner is a very cool physical marketer who has an individual approach to each client.

Поставленная задача

The task was to remake web-site to the maximum, as previous developers screwed up a bit. It was necessary to re-develop information output, web-site structure, promotional programs, online payment, personal accounts — in general there was a lot of work, and it is always more difficult to understand the way other developers were thinking.

Дизайн и брендирование

The design target was find jambs, redo adaptive layout, make a couple of banners, change footer design. As you see design was not a priority.


After the developers started to go through the code of previous ones with the words "my grandma would've done better" we decided to revise the site code and functionality from scratch leaving only the graphic cover.

Пошаговая история разработки
Technical task
2 days
Pages design layouts
1 day
Functionality work througn
19 days
Functional & design synergy
4 days
8 days
2 days
Особенности конечного продукта:
1An interesting system of uploading goods to the site — 5 minutes for updating all products
2The design is not ours — but it's cool
3After updating the layouts it looks just gorgeous on mobile devices

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